Secure IoT edge data with Azure SQL Edge and DH2i
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Microsoft Azure SQL Edge, now generally available, and DH2i DxOdyssey for IoT are combining native on-device capabilities with dynamic tunneling technology for an optimal IoT edge security solution.


It’s no news that IoT devices are generating more and more of data, but did you know that ? *

With so much data being created at the edge, security is one of the top concerns for IoT adopters. In a recent study, 97% of IoT adopters have security concerns when implementing IoT, and the top concern was ensuring data privacy.** Data needs to be protected both at the edge and as it moves outside the device boundaries to edge networks and other external networks and devices.


Azure SQL Edge is a small footprint data engine optimized for IoT workloads.

Built on the same code base as Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL, Azure SQL Edge provides the same industry leading security, familiar developer experience, and tooling that many teams already know and trust – now extended to IoT deployments for real-time intelligence.

Thanks to this shared codebase, application developers who have been building solutions for SQL Server and Azure SQL can extend their skills to deploy the same code to build IoT solutions at the edge that work with or without network connectivity.

Azure SQL Edge answers the need for an IoT-specific data platform by:

  • Providing the flexibility to develop solutions that work with or without network connectivity and help enable secure data movement of the local edge data to on-premises datacenters or to the cloud.
  • Offering support with standard tooling, programming languages, and a query language (T-SQL) that are already familiar to developers and compatible with existing code.
  • Enabling artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics at the edge.
  • Including native support for ingesting and streaming time-series data.


Unparalleled database security of the Microsoft SQL data engine.

The same security features of SQL Server Enterprise available in Azure SQL Edge ensure your data is secure on the device, customer data will be kept safe, and regulatory compliance will be met.

Here are the built-in security features that you won’t have to worry about in your solution thanks to Azure SQL Edge:

  • ​Role-based access control (RBAC) and attribute-based access control (ABAC) to manage access to specific resources based on the user’s group (or role) and/or based on the attributes of the user, target data or resource
  • Data protection with the ability to encrypt sensitive data and execute rich computations on encrypted data with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and Always Encrypted capabilities
  • Sensitive PII/GDPR data discovery using SQL Data Discovery and Classification tool in SSMS
  • Data classification to help organizations comply with security regulations by allowing data to be categorized by sensitivity and business impact

Azure SQL Edge extends the security of Azure and SQL Server to the Edge, protecting your data within the database and the Azure IoT Hub infrastructure. 


Enhanced secure data movement with DxOdyssey

Beyond the security of the Azure SQL Edge and Azure IoT Hub network, Microsoft has partnered with DH2i to support enhanced security of data movement with its Software Defined Perimeter (SPD) software, DxOdyssey for IoT. DH2i is a software vendor with over 10 years of experience helping customers around the world enhance their data security and SQL Server capabilities with their innovative software offerings. Where common approaches to networking such as VPNs, open ports and SD-WAN are insufficient and lack the security capabilities required to support IoT deployments, DH2i’s DxOdyssey (DxO) for IoT extends SDP software capabilities to edge devices, allowing seamless bi-directional access from edge devices to the datacenter and cloud. As data moves outside of edge device perimeters and between networks, DxO for IoT ensures the data remains secure.




DxO for IoT is purpose-built for IoT use cases where bi-directional communication is needed between edge devices such as sensors, edge gateways or edge servers. Its technology:

  • provides discreet, private and secure network communication over untrusted networks, such as the public internet.
  • eliminates the lateral network attack surface and is more secure and performant than VPNs, open ports or SD-WAN.
  • creates a Zero Trust network architecture for IoT devices and applications while consistently proving less expensive, easier and more effective than those legacy alternatives.

This lightweight software runs on any Linux or Windows host and can be installed on any IoT device or container on x64 and ARM 64 architecture.

When used in tandem with Azure SQL Edge, organizations can ensure their data is secure on the edge device and when passing outside of edge networks and IoT Hub boundaries.


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