Microsoft Ignite IoT recap
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Microsoft is simplifying IoT! That’s the key takeaway from the Azure IoT announcements this year at Microsoft Ignite 2019. Microsoft is democratizing so every company on the planet can benefit.

A second takeaway is security. From Azure Security Center for IoT to Azure Sentinel, Microsoft offers a single pane of glass to monitor security.

The third takeaway is partnerships. Microsoft is partnering with AccuWeather, the leading weather service provider, to enhance Azure Maps. It is also partnering with ANSYS, the global leader in engineering simulation, to extend Azure Digital Twins with ANSYS® Twin Builder™

Check out the below IoT Show episode and read on for details on newly announced innovations.



Azure IoT Central

Azure IoT Central is an IoT app platform that democratizes IoT. The platform now allows developers to provision an application in 15 seconds, customize it in a few hours, and get it to production within a day. These innovations are based on key learnings from customers. These findings are outlined in the “8 attributes of successful IoT solutions” whitepaper.

Here is a list of new Azure IoT Central features:

  • Release of 11 new industry app templates (retail, health, government, and more)
  • Support for IoT Edge devices
  • Integration with IoT Plug and Play
    • Seamless device connectivity
    • Scaling of users' data processing pipelines
    • Storage to support millions of devices
  • APIs to programmatically manage devices
  • Support for multi-tenancy
  • Support for custom user roles

To learn more, read the announcement, “8 attributes of successful IoT solutions,” and visit the Azure IoT Central product page.


Azure Maps Weather Service in Preview

Azure Maps is a collection of geospatial services that use fresh mapping data to provide accurate geographic context to web and mobile applications.

Azure Maps now offers Weather Services in partnership with AccuWeather—the leading weather service provider, recognized and documented as the most accurate source of weather forecasts and warnings in the world.

Bringing Weather Services to Azure Maps means customers now have a simple means of integrating highly dynamic, real-time weather data and visualizations into their applications. There are a multitude of scenarios that require global weather information for enterprise applications.

To learn more, read the announcement and Azure Maps documentation.


Advancing industrial IoT capabilities in Azure Time Series Insights

Azure Time Series Insights is a fully managed analytics, storage, and visualization service. It simplifies how to explore and analyze billions of IoT events simultaneously.

The team is building on the power of this analytics platform with additional new capabilities that add richness and flexibility and open new scenarios for enterprise IoT customers. Check out the list of new goodness announced at Ignite.

  • Warm and cold analytics support
  • The ability to attach a customer-owned Azure Data Lake to Azure Time Series Insights
  • New rich query APIs and an improved user experience
  • Significant scale and performance improvements
  • An Azure Time Series Insights Power BI connector

For more information, visit the Azure Time Series Insights product page and documentation. Also, try out the quickstart to begin using Azure Time Series Insights.


Watch Sam's Ignite session

For a vision of where Microsoft is taking IoT, watch Sam George present, “Driving growth and transformation with Microsoft IoT,” in the below on-demand presentation from Ignite.


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