Known issue: Azure Sphere recovery procedure in manufacturing factory-floor scenarios
Published Aug 17 2020 03:00 PM 1,740 Views
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The 20.07 Azure Sphere OS release contains a bug that affects Ethernet-connected devices that receive the OS through the recovery procedure instead of cloud update. This issue primarily affects devices in a manufacturing factory-floor scenario, in which the azsphere device recover command is used to load the OS onto devices. This problem does not affect devices that are updated to 20.07 from the cloud by the Azure Sphere Security Service.


To avoid the problem, do not use azsphere device recover to install or reinstall the 20.07 OS on devices that have Ethernet enabled.



When the 20.07 OS is recovered onto an Ethernet-connected device, the device’s MAC address is reset to a non-random MAC address. If multiple recovered devices are deployed in the same network with DHCP, only one of them can receive an IP address from the server, because the MAC addresses collide.


This bug has been fixed in the 20.08 OS, which is currently available on the Retail Eval feed and will be released to Retail soon.



Devices that have already been recovered to 20.07 may be unable to connect to the internet. The solution is to recover the affected devices to the 20.06 OS and then either allow the device to perform a cloud update to 20.07 or simply wait to install the 20.08 images using the azsphere device command.


To get the 20.06 recovery images, please contact your Microsoft Technical Sales Professional (TSP) or Technical Account Manager (TAM).


After you have the recovery images, you can recover the affected devices to the 20.06 OS release by issuing the following command:

azsphere device recover –-images <image location>


When the device connects to the internet, it will be automatically updated over the cloud to the current version of the OS.

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