#JulyOT 2021 - 31 Days of IoT Content for Everyone
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#JulyOT is back for 2021!  Throughout the month of July, the IoT Cloud Advocacy team @ Microsoft will be sharing content and events put together by IoT enthusiasts from around the world.  This includes content from community members, Microsoft employees, and could even involve you!   For every working day in July, we’ll focus on a featured content piece from our curated collection at the IoT Tech Community.  The idea is to inspire those curious about IoT to pursue their own personal projects within the realm of Internet of Things.  Make sure to bookmark our #JulyOT post at the Microsoft IoT Tech Community and be sure to refresh the page throughout the month, as we will be adding new content each week that align to this year’s #JulyOT Content Themes!   


For a sneak peak of what’s coming, check out our schedule below: 

  • July 1 – 2 : #JulyOT Content Kickoff  
  • July 5 – 9 : Artificial Intelligence at the Edge  
  • July 12 – 16 : Beginners, Students, Teachers and Makers 
  • July 19 – 23 : Microcontrollers and Embedded Hardware  
  • July 26 – 30 : Online learning and Certification  

Throughout the month we'll also be hosting a variety of livestreams throughout the world as part of the Microsoft Reactor #JulyOT2021 Series.  Register to attend live sessions featuring QnA with experts from the Microsoft IoT Advocacy team!


We invite everyone to build and share your creations throughout month as you gain knowledge from these and other resources throughout #JulyOT!  Be sure to spread the word about this initiative and your own projects by sharing the hashtag #JulyOT on social media! 
During these 31 days, we also want to challenge our community to sharpen their knowledge of Azure IoT Services by offering an Azure IoT Developer Journey designed to guide learners in pursuit of an official designation as a certified Azure IoT Developer.  We are accompanying this Learning journey with a “30 Days to Learn It - Cloud Skills Challenge”.  This is a limited-time promotion that will challenge you to learn and apply knowledge of Azure IoT Services by completing a curated series of interactive learning modules from the Microsoft Learn Online Learning Platform.  Once you have registered for the Cloud Skills Challenge, if you are able to complete the assigned modules within a 30-day time period, you may be eligible to receive a 50% off voucher to take the official AZ-220 IoT Developer Certification Exam. 

Resources on this page will be updated every Thursday during the month of July so be sure to check-in for more IoT content updates throughout the month! 
While you are here, we would love to gather your thoughts around the #JulyOT initiative to improve it further and have set up a quick 5-Question Survey to gather your thoughts on how we did and also let us know what you want to see!  All feedback is greatly appreciated! 


July 26 – 30 : Online learning and Certification  



End-to-end IoT Solution Demos Repo on Github



Reactor LiveStream "From IoT data to meaninful data" with Christopher Maneu


AZ-220 Learning Path on Microsoft Learn


Develop with Azure Digital Twins


Build end-to-end IoT Solutions series with Pamela Cortez


Study Guide for the Exam AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer

July 19 – 23 : Microcontrollers and Embedded Hardware



A Future with Safer Roads using Edge Impulse and Azure IoT Edge


Reactor LiveStream "Altair on Azure Sphere" with Dave Glover


Azure Sphere best practices and tips and tricks from the trenches 



Learn how to connect devices to the Cloud with Microchip IoT Courseware 


Cloud Connected Altair 8800 on Azure Sphere


Getting started developing Azure Sphere IoT Applications


July 12 – 16 : Beginners, Students, Teachers and Makers 



IoT for Beginners - Retail


"Hello IoT" - Reactor Livestream (July 12, 2021 - 9:00 AM PDT)


IoT for Beginners - Transport from Farm to Factory!


IoT for Beginners - Manufacturing!


Announcing IoT for Beginners 

JulyOT_9 (2).png

IoT for Beginners - Farm!


July 5 – 9 : Artificial Intelligence at the Edge


JulyOT_Sway_R1_7.pngArtificial Intelligence Nose at Make Magazine by Benjamin Cabe 


Edge Impulse "One More Epoch" Livestream with Benjamin Cabe


Azure Percept Audio - First Steps



Train smarter with NVIDIA pre-trained model and Transfer learning Toolkit on Microsoft Azure


Perceptmobile: Azure Percept Obstacle Avoidance LEGO Car


First Impressions of the Azure Percept DK


July 1 - 2 : #JulyOT Content Kickoff!


JulyOT_Sway_R1_1 (1).pngJulyOTContentLogo.png

#JulyOT 2021 - 31 Days of Learning for everyone interested in the Internet of Things


Retro Game Translation Tablet with C#, Cognitive Services, and Azure IoT Edge

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