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IoT Weekly Deep Dives & Technical Events

Building IoT solutions or have an upcoming project you are wanting to build? Check out the following developer and architect events to learn more and connect with us here at Microsoft and other community members! 


Microsoft IoT Deep Dives are interactive training live events for developers, architects, or anyone building IoT solutions. Microsoft engineers and PMs who built the products & guest speakers do technical deep dives about a new feature or scenario. Come to learn more and ask questions in the live Q&A! Join and watch Deep Dive events ondemand and upcoming live here:


Upcoming Deep Dives with LIVE Q&A and videos go on-demand right after event. Deep Dives are hosted by Pamela Cortez - Azure IoT Senior PM & Developer Advocate with new speakers each event!

Date Title Description & Link
Sept 30th, 9am PDT Deep Dive: Developing for Azure Sphere Over the Air Updates

Calendar Invite download on event page:

LIVE Q/A: In this Deep Dive we will walk through the update model for Azure Sphere devices and how developers can make best use of these capabilities to keep devices up to date and secured.

Guest Speaker: Mike Hall

Oct 7th, 9am PDT Deep Dive: Build and certify your devices through the Azure Certification Device program & IoT Plug & Play walk-through

Calendar Invite download on event page:


Live Q/A: The Azure IoT team will deeper dive on building devices for different device types, certify, show how devices are promoted and consumed by IoT solutions. Session will also go through the IoT Plug and Play overview and developer journey. We will end with a full start to finish demo of getting your device certified. 

Guest Speakers: 

  • Charles Broadfoot, AED Senior PM
  • Koichi Hirao, Azure IoT Senior PM
  • Daisuke Nakahara, IoT Technical Specialist
Oct 14th, 9am PDT Deep Dive: IoT Driving Sustainability

Calendar Invite download on event page:


Special Fire chat with Rodney Clark, Corporate Vice President, IoT and Mixed Reality Sales at Microsoft & Live Q&A: This is a special Deep Dive to kick off our Project 15 Sustainability Series! Come to hear more on what Microsoft is doing when it comes to driving sustainability and our focus on energy & CO2, Water, Waste and Ecosystems.  How IoT plays a central role in driving sustainability solutions.  We will highlight Project 15 from Microsoft, real-world IoT solutions, and have a fire side chat with Rodney Clark, Corporate Vice President, IoT and Mixed Reality Sales at Microsoft.

Guest Speaker: Rodney Clark, Corporate Vice President, IoT and Mixed Reality Sales

Oct 21st, 9am PDT

Deep Dive: Secure IoT Deployments with Azure SQL Edge & DxOdyssey

Calendar Invite download on event page:


Live Q&A: In this webinar you will learn about the data security provided by Azure SQL Edge when combined with DH2i's DxOdyssey. We will discuss the common vulnerabilities and issues that arise with edge deployments, and show how pairing on-device capabilities with dynamic tunneling can offer end-to-end data security. 

 Guest Speakers: 

  • Vasiya Krishnan, Microsoft
  • OJ Ngo, DH2i

Oct 28th, 9am PDT

Deep Dive: Building End to End IoT Solution: Internet of Hazelnut

Calendar Invite download on event page:

Live Q&A: The Azure IoT team will do a deep dive on building an end to end solution with real device, Embedded C SDK, Azure IoT Hub, and Times Series Insights.

Guest Speakers: 

  • Wellington Duraes, Azure IoT Senior PM
  • Ewerton Scaboro, Senior Software Engineer
Nov 11th, 9am PDT

Deep Dive: Azure Digital Twins for smart buildings: A look into WillowTwin solution

Calendar Invite download on event page:


LIVE Q&A: In this session we will take you through the end to end experience of WillowTwin's building solution to prove out the benefits of Azure Digital Twins, DTDL, and the broader Azure IoT ecosystem.

Nov 18th, 9am PDT

Deep Dive Microchip University Microsoft Connect MCU/MPU Devices to the cloud with Azure IoT

Calendar Invite download on event page:


LIVE Q&A: In the first session in this series, we will discuss how to build a smart, connected and secure MCU (PIC 24, AVR, SAM) or MPU (SAM) embedded device.  Azure services such as IoT Hub, Azure RTOS, Azure SDK for Embedded C, and Device Provisioning Service (DPS) will be explored.  We will wrap up with a demo of the DPS with PIC24 and Azure RTOS with the SAM E54.

Guest Speakers: 

  • Pamela Cortez, Microsoft Azure IoT Senior PM
  • Ngoc-Khuyen (Quinn) Tran, Azure Edge + Platform PM
  • James Russell (JR), Microchip Technology WW Field Applications Engineering Leader - Wireless Connectivity Specialists / IoT Security Team


Dec 2nd, 9am PDT

Deep Dive: Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge

Calendar Invite download on event page:


LIVE Q&A: In this session, we will explore how Azure cloud services can be used to generate video insights at the edge to provide actionable insights. We will walk through the steps to create live video workflows using the Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge module, including applying AI to a live video stream to trigger real-time actions. With LVA on IoT Edge, you can easily perform actions like these without being a video or AI expert.

Guest Speaker: Milan Gada, Microsoft Principal PM




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