How to secure your IoT deployment during the security talent shortage
Published Dec 17 2019 09:15 AM 1,316 Views

There’s a 3-million-person shortage of cybersecurity pros globally. Three million! Security teams are stretched and overextended, sometimes leaving organizations without coverage for new initiatives. IoT, in particular, requires complex work to clearly define a security strategy as the vulnerabilities and requirements of IoT environments continue to evolve. While organizations have good reason to be cautious, we recognize that IoT deployments offer too much business value to ignore or postpone. Galen Hunt, Distinguished Engineer and Azure Sphere Managing Director, doesn’t want you to think about IoT and security as a binary choice: you don’t have to steal from one to feed the other.


There is a way to augment your existing security teams and resources, even amidst the massive talent shortage. Check out Galen’s post, How to secure your IoT deployment during the security talent shortage, to learn more about the essential capabilities you want when securing your IoT deployment, even when you’re short staffed.


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