Drive Business Outcomes For IoT Projects With Azure IoT and Infiot
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Azure IoT is a leading platform of choice for organizations to develop applications and extract value from their sensor data. In order to do that, we need efficient tools and services that can help extract, collect, and understand relevant data to the Azure IoT platform from a variety of sensors from devices located on the edge. 


Azure IoT Edge allows parts of AI, machine learning, advanced analytics, and other workloads that have traditionally been run in the cloud to be offloaded to on-prem IoT devices. Additionally, the runtime implements many of the mundane tasks required to create any IoT device (provisioning, secret integration with HSM, and observability) so that developers can concentrate on the business logic being run by the device. Even with these benefits, other aspects of IoT solutions are still pushed on to customers.


Orchestrating deployment of Azure IoT Edge on devices, managing the hardware, or ensuring secure and consistent data delivery from the sensors on to Azure IoT Hub are all areas that extend the development of IoT solutions. Customers need robust end-to-end IoT edge lifecycle management with orchestration optimized to scale their IoT deployments, and the ability to route relevant data securely and efficiently to both Azure IoT and on-prem. 


Infiot’s integration with Azure IoT delivers relevant capabilities to more quickly unleash the power of Azure IoT at scale. With Infiot and Microsoft together, the solution unlocks value from IoT sensor data by solving the challenges of provisioning and securing IoT Edge devices, deploying applications, and accelerating the transmission and collection of data headed to Azure IoT Hub and enables capabilities like analytics and machine learning. The solution offers the following:

  • Azure IoT Edge Runtime Deployed on : Customers benefit from complete life-cycle of container management for Azure IoT Edge Runtime and service modules on edges with policy based workflows.
  • Automated Azure IoT Hub Connectivity: With API integration, Azure IoT Edge devices automatically connect to Azure IoT Hub and IoT devices are auto provisioned in the IoT Hub via Device Provisioning Service, making scalability simple and straightforward.
  • Zero Trust Security: Comprehensive security functionality based on zero trust models safeguards IoT traffic from sensor devices to Azure IoT cloud services. 
  • Infiot Private Access: IoT devices can easily be accessed securely from anywhere with remote maintenance and troubleshooting with Infiot Private Access.
  • Ruggedized Form Factor: Automated connectivity to Azure IoT Edge runtime deployed on Infiot ruggedized edges to Azure IoT cloud over wired or wireless (LTE/5G) WAN with complete link visibility and insights. 
  • Infiot Store and Forward: Upon blackout conditions, Infiot’s thin, wireless ruggedized edges locally store telemetry data bound for Azure IoT Hub. Once connectivity is restored, locally stored messages are delivered to IoT Hub. 


Infiot Intelligent Access is ideal for all IoT deployments requiring converged connectivity, zero trust security, and edge compute, connecting IoT devices over LTE and 5G cellular networks, and addressing the challenges of most IoT projects around complexity and efficiency. Infiot thin, wireless ruggedized edge devices collect data from various assets and sensors running on a wide spectrum of protocols, govern data ownership, and send the right data to the right place by the right personnel - enabling deploying and managing hundreds of Azure IoT Edge devices at scale.

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