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Newbie here, have a vm on azure running Windows server 2016 with IIS. Have installed a ticketing application to be hosted on IIS. I can access the application using http://localhost:portno from the azure vm itself.  I want to access this site from the internet from anywhere. Are there any materials i could read up for this to be done. Thanks

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Following link will provide guide for creating network security group (NSG) and inbound security rule:

Then try to access from both internal IP address and external firewall IP address.

1. Does your VM have public IP?
2. If yes, we need to open port 80 on NSG Inbound between your VM and internet like
source - Any or (Service Tag -> internet), Destination =your VM public IP.
3. To test around, have source - any, destination - any and port - 80, protocol - any
4. Note having any , any in inbound is a security risk. Once testing done, please remove it open ports accordingly between source and destination

5. As MaR1a said, refer the

Thank you will try this