Azure Cost management data Export to an external system

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Hi There,


I was exploring options to export Azure Costing and usage data. So that we can populate it to grafana.


While searching for options to export Azure Costing data, i found the following link: Azure Cost Data Export . In this link, we have to export cost data to a storage account. Then access the CSV export from storage account to external systems.


How many options are there to export the Costing data? Can we make use of the Azure Consumption API 


Also, what are the charges for using these Consumption APIs? Are 


Currently, there are two options in mind:

  1. using a prometheus exporter (using Consumption API)
  2. Export Data to Influx DB.


Please suggest regarding the available alternatives.

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Hello There,

There are a multiple alternatives for exporting Azure costing and export data. One of them is to get it from the Azure portal. The 2nd option is to programmatically export the data into Azure Storage. These options are explained @

Yes alternative you can use the Consumption / Billing APIs but this is only available for Enterprise Customers of Microsoft..