WmSvc.exe access issue while migrating sites using webdeploy tool
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Web deploy is a tool which helps in synchronizing the IIS servers and migration to the new IIS versions ,deployment of web applications as well as administration of IIS sites for admins.

We had a case where we were performing migration of sites from older OS to new OS and during that we encountered  an error.


Issue and Symptoms:

We created required package of the old site and while  we were trying to import the package which we created locally  it was failing with

"unable to perform the operation "create directory" for specified directory. This can  occur if the administrator has not authorized this operation for the user credentials you are using

the error code was 0x80070005"  error insufficient_Access_to_site_folder""

The command used for creating package  :

msdeploy.exe -verb:sync -source:apphostconfig="WebSite_Name" -enableLink:AppPoolExtension -dest:package=c:\site.zip 



--When we tried to a "push" operation from old server we were getting "an error occurred when performing the operation . An error occurred when the request was processed on the remote computer. An error was encountered when processing operation  "create directory" .Error code was 0x800700B7

The command used : msdeploy -verb:sync -source:apphostconfig="website_name" -dest:apphostconfig="website_name",computername=remotecomputername




We collected  procmon and found that we were getting access denied when  we were trying to create folder by WMSVC.exe using local service account



We added NT AUTHORITY\LOCALSERVICE account under D:\WWWROOT\XXXXXX folder and granted full access which resolved our issue.





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