Users with MFA, Change autentication


Hi Team.


I need change alias in some users for new domain, example:




This users have MFA configured, the question is, when changing the aliases in these users, there is an impact with the MFA, it remains the same or it is necessary to reconfigure?



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This shouldn't affect current MFA settings in any way.
Thanks @pvanberlo.

When changing the user's alias, it is changed to automatic in the MFA console?

Without affecting the configuration.

My experience is that the configured MFA methods are not directly impacted on the backend. However, I've not recently tested what this does to eg. the Authenticator App if that's being used as one of the MFA authentication methods. I would recommend to test this change with a single user on a test account to determine exact impact. Microsoft has a page that describes the impact of UPN changes in Azure AD available at
I have done a laboratory, there is no effect with the MFA configuration.

Thanks for your support.