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Hello everyone and greetings from Portugal!


So, I work at a startup that at the moment has a nice number of clients, both in Portugal and in the US.
We're feeling the need to have a ticketing system and I was wondering if anyone can give some suggestions.


Not a lot of requisites but would be great if it integrates/allows multi-tenant support so users from different oganizations can SSO. And the ability for the system to get user information from Entra ID (like UPN, etc) and associated device (managed by Intune) would be great.

And...writing this post I got wondering if I should be looking only for ticketing system or other tool with more features. All my clients are "cloud native", no physical servers, and all devices managed via Intune.


Thanks to all in advance!

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Hi @Diogo Sousa,

I'd recommend looking into a combination of tools that can handle ticketing, user information retrieval from Entra ID, and device management from Intune.

Based on your requirements, here are some ticketing systems that might be a good match for you:

  1. Freshdesk:

  2. Zendesk
    Zendesk: Customer Service Software & Sales CRM | Best in 2023

  3. Zoho Desk:

  4. Jira Service Management:
    Jira Service Management | A new take on ITSM software (atlassian.com)

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Leon Pavesic

Tks, I'll take a look on that ones.

@Diogo Sousa 


How about Manage Engine? Not very costly but also interacts with M365:




Humm isn't Manage Engine best known for it's endpoint management? we would like to have something that would be available to all our clients and at the same time, most integrated possible with Intune.

Any experience with ServiceNow?