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I have been unable to activate office Promise46_1-1589503634001.png


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Check to make sure your Office 365 account is active, and that a license is assigned.


Also check if the account is registered as an alias with

If going to live,com, enter account, and it ask for a password, then there is good odds the account exist on the private side.  You need the live account password.  I do not know what to do if you don't have it.


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thanks for your support.


I was able to resolve it by renaming the folder on registry to .old





@Joe Stocker  license is assigned

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Thanks a lot for this idea! This saved me from reimaging the whole machine.

Thank you for this. All other solutions were extremely time consuming, and this problem is actually quite common. I think it has something to do with using Microsoft products on a non-Azure computer user account, when the Office 365 user is also an Azure user. You should be able to do that without issue, but I've run into this a lot. This seems to have solved the authentication issue. I should also mention, this computer had an old install of Office 2016 Home and Business installed previously.