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We currently have ADFS in place for user auth to 365 using a single domain ''


I now need to add additional federated domains - ' and'

   The new domains have been added and verified in 365 so now show as managed domains


The original  did not have the -supportmultipldomains switch used when it was converted to a federated domain. 

What do I need to do here?  

    Can I run update-msolfederateddomain -domainname -supportmultipledomains ?


Or is there more to it than that?

ADFS is running on Windows 2016





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Awesome.  Thanks

Hi Nuno,

I have read the article advised by you. There are steps to remove the Microsoft Online trust and update original domain. Though, i assume it will be done during non-business hours.
What will be the Impact on 100 or more current users of The original,
if we delete the Microsoft Office 365 Identity Platform entry from our AD FS federation server Management Console? Please explain the impact on the Production Users.

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