Stuck on ADFS 3.0 logon page

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We use ADFS 3.0 with AADSync to log in to the O365 services but our users are sometimes unable to logon.


Once in a while a user get stuck on the (ADFS) logon page. When submitting the correct username and password, the login page just reloads (without any error message). The user is unable to get passed the logon page.


Clearing the cookies usually solves the issue, but not all users know how to do this and it can be hard to perform on a mobile.


We suspect the issue is related to a cookie gettig corrupt, it seems that for our ADFS environment there are 2 cookies MSISAuth (same name, same path, same domain) of which one is not a base64 encoded string (the one that starts with AAEAA)?!



Any ideas or help is very much appreciated!



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Hi Bart,


Do you have any WAPs or other proxies in the middle that could potentially be interfering? Do you have the same experience with different browsers and through WAPs versus not through WAPs?


If you browse directly to and log in, do you get one or two MSISAuth cookies?


For what it's worth, my single MSISAuth cookie begins with AAEAA.


Sorry I can't be more help!