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We saw a recent post that stated MS will be decommissioning SMS and Phone MFA as of July 10.  It said the Message ID is: MC584364.

Can anyone confirm this?

I do not see the official notification from MS anywhere on this.



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No, they will not be decommissioning said methods, at least not now. The message post is about the Registration campaign feature, which prompts the users to register specific methods (authenticator in this case). If you don't want this to happen, adjust the settings under


Please take a look at the major statement from Microsoft below:


Microsoft urges you to motivate your users to stop using SMS and voice for MFA. However, if some of your users need more time you can exempt them for now. Sign in as Global Administrator or Authentication Policy Administrator and go to Azure AD > Security > Authentication methods > Registration campaign and exclude these users.

@Vasil Michev What do we change these settings to so that users are not forced into the Authenticator App?

@Vasil Michev 


Hi - Just to confirm, from July 10th will users be able to still use SMS as a backup MFA method on Authenticator App? Or in order to use SMS, should users be excluded under 'Settings' > 'Excluded Users and Groups' on the below link



What if for example here in Israel allot of religious workers who have a "kosher" phone wich is simply an old button nokia phone with allot of blocked content who doesnt have apple store or google play on it, how will they be able to authenticate? will companies still be able to not force workers to use this app method and stay on sms or voice call?

Use a Fido2 compliant token such as a ubikey @ArielGeyler