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I use a few Office 365 tennancies and sometime when I sign in I get two accounts displayed. Does anyone know why this happens? For example:



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Thanks for the link Dean. It looks like that blog post refers to work and persional accounts and the confusion between them.


All my account are Azure AD accounts and the accounts shown in the large and smaller font in the screenshot are differnt domains, e.g. and These accounts and domians are not linked in any way.

That is weird. I have several different tenant with accounts in the cloud as well as synced from AD on-prem and I use Edge, Chrome, and IE. I have never noticed that type of behavior

@Deleted When I look at my sign in page and compare it with your screenshot then the top line seems to refer to the name of the account and the second line in smaller print is referring to the address. In my opinion it seems to be one account with an email address as the full name of the account. Correct?

Hi Mike. No, they are two completly separate accounts from two separate O365 tenancies.

Have you already tried deleting all cookies and clearing the browser cache?

Yes, it only happens sometimes and I can click back and select the account again and it works OK, I'm just curious as to what it is and why it happens.

I can't help you fix it, but I can say with certainty that this has happened to me as well. Possibly something to do with the logic that "remembers" accounts for you in the browser? I had my regular account show up in big type, and a random customer's account show up in the smaller print underneath.

Same here...



Have experienced similar also

Someone at Microsoft must know the answer to this, any idea how we draw this to their attention?

I have this issue as well. The second line is often an email/acocunt form another tenant.