Power Query and MFA with SharePoint List

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I am starting a new conversation as wasn't able to find any answer to the problem i have.

Here is the use case:

I have multiple excel files spread accross different SharePoint sites. I have a file that consolidate all of them through Power Query. I have of course access to all of the site.

I am sign in excel correctly with my O365 account.

Since we started to activate MFA every few days  when I open the file and hit refresh I got the attached menu saying "The current user isn't sign in" and right Below "You're already sign in".

To be able to refresh i have to click on "sign as different user" but it ask me that for query to each SharePoint site i am connected to.  

The process then become really cumber stone as it takes for each query to authenticate few minutes to get my token accepted and move to the next one.


Do you know why it make the MFA pop up for query even after sign in correctly with one ?

Any way I could authenticate once and for all and stop the MFA bothered me each time while it doesn't ask for it with other App like One Drive, Teams, Outlook? (besides moving all the file into one SharePoint Site or sync the site with my computer or using a system account that doesn't have MFA)

Why MFA doesn't detect correctly that I am authenticate while I am sign in in Excel, in Window Shared Experience and my device is also record in my O365 account ?  


As Well if i move my Power Query Script into Data Flow to generate a csv that consolidate all the file will DataFlow have Issue with MFA ?

Thanks for your help!

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