Please provide Production Support Guidelines for ADFS and SSO with Office 365

Manmeet Singh
Occasional Contributor

Hi Team,


Please provide Production Support Guidelines for On-Premises ADFS Farm (windows 2016 servers) and SSO with Office 365 to prevent downtime.

What should be some standard measures need to be performed to manage ADFS, WAP Servers and SSO with Office 365?

We are using 4 VMs of version windows server 2016 for ADFS Farm and WID database.

What should be backed up and frequency of backups?


Thanks a lot

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Did you bother to do a search on the web and review the hundreds of articles already discussing this, including a very detailed Microsoft documentation? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/identity/ad-fs/ad-fs-deployment

That is already done.
I am looking for Specific articles which describe both general and specific problems/solutions
faced by Admins for managing ADFS Farm and SSO with O365.
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