Permit access only O365 Admin Center

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I have several users assigned to the user administrator role, to perform user activation/deactivation tasks, adding to groups etc. I would like to be able to block the admin panels and have them only use the 365 admin center (not Entra ID, Azure Portal, Exchange Online Portal etc).
I created a conditional access policy but when I added "Windows Azure Service Management API" and the lock condition, block entra id (ok) and other panels, but it also blocks the 365 admin center.
Is there any way to allow access only through the 365 admin center?
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For conditional access, seems below API and Microsoft Admin Portal category in the same

Yes, that seems to be the case... it is all in the Windows Azure Service Management API.

Is there any way to block all panels except for the admin center for certain users? This could be done either through conditional access or some other type of configuration. We would like these users to only see the users and groups, without the possibility of seeing anything else.