Outlook 365 constantly asking for password authentication

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For the last month or more, Outlook constantly asks me for my email password for 2 different email providers.  This is not happening on my iPhone nor MacBook.


I have read dozens of posts to resolve this issue and nothing works.  I deleted Office365 and re-installed.  Still problems.

This is really frustrating.

Does anyone have a REAL solution?

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Hello, i have solved it like this:
1 open the RegEdit:
2 goes to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 16.0 \ Common \ Identity
3 create a DWORD key named: EnableADAL
4 assign (if not already) the value 0
5 Reopen Outlook and enter your credentials


After more than 3 months the customer did not call me again



@adpinc61 Good evening, 


If you email provider is using Modern Authentication or enforced MFA, you can first update- upgrade your Office client Apps. 


After that, I recommend you to delete your Windows credentials of these accounts from Credential Manager. Next time you open Outlook app, a new token will be created when you type the password and it should work. 


I hope this can help. 


Good luck!