Office 365 Mobile device management authentication

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following scenario:

User have Office 365 E1 and Azure AD P1 license.

We have configured Office 365 "MDM", not the Intune MDM, only O365 MDM. 

We want, that only trusted mobile devices (iOS and Android) can access O365 data.

For trusted devices, which are comliant, the user should not be asked for credentials every XX days.


Is it possible configure this without MS Intune?


At the moment user is asked every 14 days for credentials. 

Can we use Azure AD Conditional Access with O365 MDM? 





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This article should answer most of your questions.
A few things are being changes in the future:

@Thijs Lecomte 




thanks for your reply. 

The question for me is:

Is it possible and supported to use Conditional Access also for "built in mobile device management" 


i have found this link:

and this part on the website


Anmerkung 2020-07-22 201153.jpg


So, correct me if i am wrong:


Built in MDM will also check device comliance against Azure AD Conditional Access and we can protect our mobile devices and the access. 

It is not an "Intune only" feature.



No, O365 might check Conditional Access (which happens everytime you authenicate to O365); but it won't check the device compliance in O365 MDM as compliance is an Intune feature

@Marc Mönnikes  good evening. 


You could use Conditional access having AD P1, but you can´t create a policy based on the device compliance due you are not using Endpoint Management (Intune). You can enforce conditional access with MFA for example. 

Here you can find what kind of conditional policies you can deploy :

Conditional Access - Require MFA for all users - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs


I hope this can help. 


Good luck