Number Challenge for MFA - Accessibility Issues

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With the shift away from passwords, I recently started using the Microsoft Authenticator app for my Microsoft-related logins (Windows, Office, Teams, etc) but immediately ran into accessibility problems. I am a visually impaired user and use a screen reader.


When signing in, if I am prompted with the number challenge verification I cannot complete it. There are many accessibility problems with this challenge.

1. The number only displays briefly in an animation that cannot be paused or stopped

2. The number animation cannot be accessed via screen readers (at least NVDA, JAWS, and Narrator, those are the ones I've tried)

3. The challenge only gives the user 30 seconds to complete with no way to extend, configure, or disable that timer.


It's important that all users have access to this security functionality, so I hope to see the accessibility improved.

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Fully understand your concern in terms of user experience and convenience, did you have chance to try '2 digit'?