Multi-factor authentication & skype

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I'm unable to login to Skype for Business on users with MFA turned on.  Is this a confirmed issue or am I missing a setting?

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Your tenant may need to be enabled for MFA with Skype for Business, it's not enabled by default.  When we did our MFA testing, we ran into problems with the mobile experience that were solved by enabling this.  It's worth ruling out if nothing else. Here are the details:


Skype for Business Online: Enable your tenant for modern authentication


It involves running some PowerShell on the tenant, checking the current state, if ClientAdalAuthOverride isn't set to allowed already then run Set-CsOAuthConfiguration -ClientAdalAuthOverride Allowed.


I'm in the early stages of implimenting MFA.  The account that I enable can't login to Skype now.  I I follow the steps in Skype for Business Online: Enable your tenant for modern authentication, will that accect my other Skype users that aren't MFA enabled? 

Did you try using the APP password?

That worked.  Thank you.

Glad it worked for you.  I struggle with it for an hour once.