Modern Authentication Gotchas?

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We are interested in enabing Modern Authenication for SfB and EXO. We are in the middle of migrating to EXO, so we are in a Hybrid configuration at the moment.


All our users are using Outlook 2016, so we don't anticipate any compatibility issues. We are fully prepared to enable this, however...


What we can't find are any gotchas or things to look out for. We really do not know how to prepare our user community for this change. Will all users be prompted to immediately re-auth across the enterprise, or will the change be largely transparent to them until they need to refresh their login sessions?



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Hi Thomas,


It's always adviced that you have another Office 365 Tenant to evaluate those changes.


When you enable Modern Auth is asked to the end users in next logon or next cicle of the tokens.


Please read here the FAQ's


Hybrid can be tricky, especially when mixing Exchange/SfB. They just announced public preview for the Hybrid modern auth scenario:


If/when you move all users to O365, things are a lot simpler.