Mobile Device Mailbox Policies - Allow simple passwords - Pattern lock

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Help me understand how that Mobile Device Mailbox Policies actually work, when setting up Mobile Device Mailbox Policies I have only enabled simple passwords and set minimal password lenght. But it also allows users to use gestures (pattern lock). I am trying to find some documentation about this thing but it is not documeted anywhere in internet. What else it allows for screenlock ? How to restrict users from  using pattern lock (gestures) ?

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after some more investigation it looks like if I setup a new phone, I set up pattern screen lock, after then I install and set up outlook app and my o365 account, and phone is ok with pattern lock, no error messages about that. After I change phone pin code I have no option to set up pattern screen unlock (message that it is disabled by administrator). Question, is it possible to force user devices to disable pattern lock ?