Microsoft Unified Labeling

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Migrated from AIP to Microsoft Unified Labeling and I want to create the following policy for emails: 

the default policy is public but IF is an email to out of organization AND has an attachment, add the other classification label! 

is there any solution or idea?



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I can't think of any way that transport rules could currently achieve this (unless I'm missing something obvious).


You could setup a file policy in Cloud App Security (if you have it) along the lines of;


Screenshot 2020-07-05 at 09.02.45.png

And apply governance actions along the lines of;


Screenshot 2020-07-05 at 09.03.16.png



Alternatively, you could look into auto labelling options in the Security and Compliance Center to create policies that ensure an appropriate label is applied to all documents stored in your tenant.  You will require AIP P2 or EM+S E5 / M365 E5 licensing to leverage this feature though.


Hope this gives you some ideas.