Microsoft Office 2019 365 Pro Plus 32/64 Bites License Key

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Hi Everyone,


I have two laptop.

1 old with Office pro 2013 and Windows 8.

New laptop that came with Win 10 and I bought online a key for "Microsoft Office 2019 365 Pro Plus 32/64 Bites License Key"

The new laptop (win 10) installed with same Windows user like the old laptop and I can't activate the office license key I got from the seller.

Appreciate your support.

Thank you!


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Where did you buy the laptop from? Did you contact them to let them know the key they provided you is not activating? What is the error message?

Thanks Joe for your message.

Laptop is ok, the question is if I can use the same Windows user and password on two different laptop with two different Office licenses.


Old laptop with Windows 8 and Office 2013.

New laptop with Windows 10 and office I bought on ebay, office 2019 365.


Both laptops has same Windows user.



Yes, you can do that, because the old laptop is not running a cloud version of Office, so it will continue being happy with that existing installation.

@Joe Stocker  Thank Joe.


So for the new laptop, would you recommend the 365 or regular office 2019? 

I recommend the 365 version because it gets security updates streamed automatically every 30 days and if you don't have a few hundred dollars up front, the low monthly price for a home user is pretty affordable. There is a great article comparing the differences here:

@Joe Stocker  Thanks for your time and patient.