Microsoft Authenticator on Apple Watch

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According to this article:


Common questions about the Microsoft Authenticator app - Microsoft Support


The Microsoft Authenticator app is being discontinued on Apple Watch. I find this very disappointing. I used it many times per day. Yes, it was a bit buggy and unreliable, but it sure was better than picking up my phone every time! Please keep supporting the Watch app!

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PLEASE find a way to add this functionality back. This is one of the most useful features that many people in my organization used on a daily basis.

Agreed. Please bring this back, this is a "daily driver" part of my workflow.
To me this is very disappointing as well. I used it everyday multiple times...


+1 to the community replays. I'm very disappointed about removing such a valuable feature. Please bring it back ASAP.

@DJTentman84 I agree - really miss the feature.   The numeric code entry shouldn't have been an issue - other apps allow entry via the watch keyboard - the numeric keypad is hardly onerous. 

@DJTentman84 This choice to discontinue the Authenticator on the Apple Watch is really misguided! It's 2023! 


Just wondering any else reasons say in security, during the authentication?

@DJTentman84 +1 still waiting to hear the user voice that Microsoft really hear, I sent feedback many times.


I'm extremely disappointed because using my watch to authenticate while teaching is much more convenient than using my phone each time. I found the app on my watch quite reliable. I hope Microsoft walks this decision back.

@Karen Wilson I highly doubt they will.  Typical behavior of MS and Goog.  It's not a security issue, it's MS not wanting people to buy and use apple products because it cuts into their bottom line. /opinion

@randybiehl normally this is the case, but in this instance I reckon most people would still be using the app on iPhones and android devices, but it is a P.I.T.A to get the phone out of your pocket each time, using the watch was way more efficient and promotes better security because you did not have the risk of leaving your phone lying around.

whenever I have a choice in authenticator I choose Duo, it has a watch app that works great.
Microsoft, shame on you!

Please find a way to add ths functionality back on the watch.

On the watch its also possible to enter a number for authentication .. :\
I just want to chime in here and say that I hope Microsoft sees this and reinstates the functionality of the Apple Watch app--there is no reason we can't enter the two digit code there.
Thanks for the link to voting for this. Done, and I sure hope Microsoft finds this input valuable and tries to bring it back.

@DJTentman84, I know that security is important and I figured I would eventually get used to not having the app on my wrist, but it's been nearly a year, and so many times when I need to authenticate (multiple times per day) I still raise my wrist expecting it to show up there. I really hate having to use my phone as it usually breaks my workflow as I am usually using it for something else at the time the notification pops up. I really hope they will find a way to bring it back and can make it compatible with Microsoft's new security features (since that's the reason they discontinued it). It really was a great solution.

@cwilms yes, agree, and as I have notifications enabled on my watch, it keeps reminding me every time of the fact that I can no longer authenticate. Could be an option, be it less secure, for those that want it. 

Another example how liitle does MS cares about the customers.
1. Abandoning Windows Phone, I still can't pardon them for that.
2. Hardware Requirements for Windows 11.
3. Abandoning MS Auth for apple watch.

enough is enough. Setting up my gaming Rig for Linux, and going all in Apple.

Wow, our company just changed from Duo to MS Authenticator for "less annoying prompts" but here I am, losing the most convenient way to reply to the prompts.

All this just to enter 2 digits? How much security can that possible be adding?