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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Locked out of my o365 global admin account

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Hi there,

Today I enabled MFA on my o365 global admin account.

I have the mobile number and email address configured in my security profile also.


When I tried to sign in I was only offered authenticator app verification. 

The app is not configured and when I selected other sign in options I could not select call back or mobile text  options.


I called MS to explain the situation and they told me to expect a call from the data protection team.

It has been several hours already, but no one has called back.

Therefore I have called back MS support who just sent another email to the data protection team to solicit them.


I need to do urgent administration work, but  can't sign in due to the above problem.

I find this is poor support by microsoft. 


Is there any other way?




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This is why you always should have a "break the glass" account available, I guess you do not have any other account with high privileges available?
Just for test, open a new browser and run it in private mode and test once more. I guess that SMS/Phone method have been disabled, and that's why you can't use those methods.
Do you have a CSP partner, that have permissions to your tenant? They should be able to help you in that case.


@Pontus Själander 


Hi Pontus,

thank you for the reply.


I don't have an additional global admin account to fix this.


Also don't have a CSP partner.


I have been waiting 13 hours for a callback from MS data protection team and have not received it yet.


My client is paying MS around $650 for such terrible support.


Alright, I hope that it will get solved as soon as possible! But please, learn from this and always make sure to have an way into a tenant if miss configurstions occurs
Was the problem resolved? How long did it take?
I just did the same thing last night on my GCC High Tenant and I'm the only Global admin.