Locked out from my global admin account

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I made a mistake an locked my global admin account by accident. No, I don't have an alternate way to get access. Yes, that's my mistake and I won't make it again.

However, I opened a case with Microsoft 4 days ago and I've been told someone from the data protection team will call me. But I haven't heard back since... Does anyone know a way to speed up things?


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Hello @Huweee,

You should have ticket number after the case was opened. Couple of ideas to try:

  1. Call to technician assigned to your case.
  2. Send email to the technician.
  3. Call his manager (usually manager's info is in signature of technician)
  4. Send email to his manager
  5. Call general MS Support line and reference ticket #.
  6. Open a premium (paid) ticket with business critical impact.

Hope that helps.