Just in time access - time for effective access?

Mattias Frykstrand
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We are evaluating Privileged Identity Management and just in time access. I've been trying to find information on how long it takes for the permission to become active after it has been approved but haven't found anything.


Right now it takes approximately 15-20 minutes before the permissions seems to be active when using powershell, but another 10-15 before I have all options in say Exchange Admin Center. Is this the expected behavior or is it something we have missed?




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In my experience it's way faster than that. Remember that for Exchange, generally you have to create a new session to either the EAC or PowerShell for any permission changes to be reflected.

Have you seen any documentation on what to expect? I activated 2 two roles 20 minutes ago, and EAC was ok after ca 5 minutes and a new session. But neither ECP or Security And Compliance center is  working. I like the idea of PIM, but if one has to wait 20-30 minutes for it to work then it's quite hard to use.



General AAD role like Global Admin or User Admin should work directly after elevation, I also tested it and it works like charm.


There is one issue currently with the Exchange Admin role that can take up to 30 mins to be active, there is already a feedback on Azure Feedback page:


As you can see work on that issue has already started and is in development.