Issues creating custom user views in the Office 365 admin page


I'm having a problem creating domain filtered user views which looks like a bug and would be interested to see if anyone else has the issue. I'm seeing it on two differenttenants at the moment.


I have 3 vanity domains added to my tenant, 1 of which is federated for single sign-on. If I create a custom user view for the vanity domains, the filter views work fine and only display the users in those domains.


If however I create a view for the default on-microsoft domain it includes users from the Federated domain.  This presents a problem as I need to build this view for a client to enable them to easily view when cloud accounts have been created.




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The filters basically return the result of:


Get-MsolUser -DomainName


or the corresponding one. If you run the cmdlet, you will notice that it returns matches not just on the UPN, but primary SMTP too, and so on.



Cheers Vasil, that makes sense.

What we need is the ability to filter on un-synced accounts and the domain that would solve my issue... But unfortunately synced accounts is the only filter.