Intune Conditional Access with Android

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Hi all


Having an issue with conditional access within Intune and the Android native Mail application. Currently, i can enforce conditional access policies to the Outlook app for iOS and Android and the native iPhone mail app. I cannot enforce conditional access to the Android native mail app.


Is there a way to do this? I want the user to be able to use the application should the Android device be complaint.


Thanks in advance!

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The native mail app on Android only supports legacy authentication afaik, thus Conditional access wont work as expected.

@Shaunt Libarian  good evening!


You can create a conditional policy enforcing the device registration as the condition and MFA to access to any Office App, without select any app. 


The main condition indicates that you will allow access to any Office 365 data from any registered devices. For legacy applications, you should try to upgrade it and configure it with an office 365 account instead of Exchange account. 


I hope this can helps. 


Good luck!