Impossible to login my business account

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Hi everyone,


here is what happened to my account:

  1. last year I created a One Drive business account, for that I had to create a Microsoft email: email address removed for privacy reasons
  2. I activated 2FA with my phone number A
  3. In December, I sold my phone and forgot the 2FA as I was still able to access my OneDrive (Remember me option)
  4. Now when the 2FA prompt happened, I realised I didn't have the 2FA but also forgot my OneDrive password as I never use this specific email
  5. Meanwhile I aksed Microsoft support from my personal email, to disconnect my 2FA from my business account, which they apparently did but then told me, when I realised I still could not log in, I should raise the request from the business account, except I can't access it

Now I am stuck as I can't access this account online. I can't

  1. recover my password (, message "We don't recognise this one"
  2. update 2FA, as I need the password
  3. call them as Microsoft contact number never finds an available agent, spent 4 hours waiting last week...

Would you have an idea to help me? I simply need to access my documents... 

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Hi @iboxmsft,

It could be me, but I think I am missing something.
How did you connect the OneDrive for Business with the Microsft e-mail you created earlier? You lost me there. (Step 1)

If you know the primary e-mail address you've used in the past to sign in, you should do a password reset. If that's not possible, something might be missing, and you don't use the username for OneDrive. You could check the username if you still have the OneDrive app running on your client. When configuring 2FA, they will always ask to add additional information (backup e-mail address, phone number, etc.).
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I got a similar experience with you under my personal account, btw, it seems the only way is to contact Microsoft support to reset your account if you didn't enable another way for MFA, such as an alternative Email, Email was my communication with Microsoft for my case

thanks for your feedback, sorry for the delayed answer but I didn't receive any notification... OneDrive was connected at the microsoft email creation, the solution was to contact customer support
thanks for your feedback, sorry for the delayed answer but I didn't receive any notification... the solution was indeed to contact customer support (but it was hard to get them on the line)