How to get around Rights Management policy on a Word document? (hypothetical)

Brent Ellis
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So I am experimenting with Rights Management for a few secure documents, and the question will inevitably come up before we start to roll this technology out.


If this document gets out into the wild, how secure is it?  Are there ways to bust RMS on a Word document?  What are the things that a malicious user could potentially do to get around the policy and get to the content of the file?  How easy/difficult?  


A sample policy we are working with:

  • Only authenticated internal corporate users can open the file
  • All internal corporate users have View Only rights
  • The file can only be opened when internet connection is available
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I would recommend asking this question in the Yammer network at https://www.yammer.com/askipteam/, there are several RMS experts in their that have been discussing this topic over the past few months and it is monitored by the MS team responsible for this technology.
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