How can I restrict other team members to view and edit certain sheets within an excel?

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We have an excel document to collect team members commission information. Every team member maintains own data in different worksheet in this file. But as it's sensitive data, everyone should only be able to access his/her own data or their own team's data, not other people or teams. Can anyone suggest a way to realize it? 

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There's no such feature afaik, best use separate workbooks.

Search on “protect Excel worksheet”, should give you something. You can prevent others from editing Excel data in three ways. 1) password protect the file. 2). Protect cells. 3) Protect worksheets.
It’s been too long since I’ve done this, I can’t pull the answer out of my head.  Second thought, scratch this. I don’t think this allows you to restrict access for certain team members. It becomes an all or none feature.