Have MFA request identify source of request - Android App

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Issue: When MFA is required, pop up in Android only states:
 Approve Sign-in?
Company name
  Deny   Approve

There is no where indicating the app, IP, location, etc that is generating this request. This information would be helpful in knowing if a users account was compromised, IE why am I trying to sign in from France, when I'm in Canada.

Desired: When MFA pop-up is presented, provide more details on the source of the MFA request to help user decide if the request is legitimate. 


I get multiple MFA requests a week due to company security policy, it would be nice to know where the requests are getting generated from. 

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Hi @sgu222e,

Thanks for the feedback. Luckily, you were not the only one waiting for this feature.
The good news is that Microsoft has released the Additional Context feature, which gives you more insight into the Application that triggered the MFA request and the location. Keep in mind that the feature is in Public Preview at the time of writing, which means; normal service level agreements do not apply.

More information about the feature and how to get started can be found in this tech article. Good luck! For now, have a lovely weekend!
Thank you for the quick reply, will check out the Additional Context feature.