Get a real report of users with MFA enabled.

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Hello folks :)


I have a problem, we are in the process to enable MFA in our organization (more than 250 users) and now we are finishing this project, the problem now is that we don't have a real scope of the current status because in the Azure Portal (Autenticación multifactor ( who set up this through > Security Info > Update Info - the Azure portal continues to show that MFA it is not enabled yet if functions; even if is required to configure or access certain account settings to the useres.


Is there any other way to get the actual status of who has MFA enabled?


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The "actual status" will depend on how exactly you are requiring registration/enforcing MFA, but in any case your best bet is the credential registration report:
I use this report personally.

it states MFA capable. To know what users have MFA enabled, you need to check your CA policies