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Evening Folks,


Is there anyone out there who still remembers FIM 2010?


I am facing an interesting challange with the FIM Admin Portal and could really do with some advice.


Many thanks



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@brogioloWhat´s the issue? I´m working quite a bit with both FIM 2010 R2 and MIM still.

@Viktor Hedberg Thank you for responding. I cannot access the FIM admin portal using the owner's account credentials. In fact, No-one can access the FIM Admin portal. I have the account of the previous admin and he was able to login perfectly.

I ran a PS Script against the Portal to see who had permission and at what level to access the site. (Attached FIM-Permissions-Upload).

When I try to open the site the URL opens and brings up a login box. (Fim Logon screen). After I enter the credentials the login box comes up three times and after third entry I receive the blank screen, (Fim After Credentials), which remains like that forever.

I am trying to logon with the account that in the FIM-Permissions-Upload PS Response has 

Full ControlTRUE

As per the Site Collection page it is also the Administrator listed for that Site. (Site Collection List)

I have searched online for the last four months and spoken to a few friends at MSFT and so far have not been able to gain access.

ANY assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Linda