Faced with unresolvable request for additional authentication methods

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The users in my organization, me included, are starting to get confronted with a sequence of warnings when signing in or trying to access security info:


followed by the screen below when clicking "Next":

Screenshot from 2023-11-30 12-10-53.png


As shown in the last screen shot, the only possible route forward is to click "Skip setup". When this happens during sign-in, the user gets taken to their destination, but when trying to access their security info, they just get taken back to the first warning and they never manage to access their security info.

I think the screens are shown because I've set up password reset self-service to ask users to confirm their authentication methods every x days, so the fact that they come up is fine, but not the nature of the second screen. I have a strong suspicion that the reason the second screen doesn't show any useful information is somehow related to the fact that we all have two federated identities in Microsoft Entra on top of our organization-issued one as shown below, though that is just speculation based on an earlier issue with one of our users:



Security defaults are enabled, and everyone has at least two authentication methods set up.


Can anyone here help me resolve this issue (without me having to delete and re-create our user accounts!)? It is severely impacting an increasing number of our users.


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You may take a look on conditional access as well