Exchange Online Powershell with MFA - How to download outside of the EAC?

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Can someone share the link to download the EXO PowerShell modules without using the installer built into the EAC?  We have a number of scenarios where this is not working for us.


I think you shared a link with me in the past @Vasil Michev, but I can't find it now.


Secondary topic:  Has anyone found a good way to sign-in with EXO PWS as an admin while logged in to the PC with a non-admin account?  I am not sure if there is a way to disable IWA for just this PowerShell module (like running in InPrivate mode with browser)

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Try this link, it seems to still work:


As for the second question, did you try using the -Credentials parameter? Definitely *don't* use the -UserPrincipalName one, check out @Ingo Gegenwarth post on this:  


If that doesn't work, a bit more complicated alternative would be to get the token manually and create the session as detailed here: