Entra hybrid join and devices in dual state

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to test hybrid join, I created a lab that reproduces what we have as resources, like domain controller, notebooks and Microsoft 365 accounts and software; initially, we have all our notebooks registered as Entra registered because users have installed and configured the Office and Teams apps on their devices; with Connect agent in advanced mode, I then synced the various notebooks I had in the OUs and therefore obtained the various Entra hybrid joined devices; doing this way, I have the classic case of devices in dual state: I waited a few days as was suggested in the documentation, but nothing happened: in this case, how can I proceed?

read other posts and did some tests, for example deleting the Entra registered device: in this case by restarting the notebook, when I try to launch Teams or an Office app I am asked to enter the user, or the user is incorrect and I have to sign out from the app and then sign in; Could I have problems with Outlook and all the mail I have on my devices?
Is there any other solution?


Another thing I noticed is this: the Entra registered device still presents some data such as the Owner, the User principal name


Test Microsoft Entra Registered.png

which instead on the device in Hybrid join have as values, N/A and None respectively:


Test Microsoft Entra Hybrid.png

in these cases, the the first is seen as a personal device and therefore this data is there and the second is seen as Corporate?


Any suggestion is appreciated.





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@Marco Mangiante 


What is your IAM infrastructure so far?