End-User Experience when Switching from "Password Sync" to "Pass-through + Seamless-SSO"?

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We're currently using the simple password sync feature with AADConnect.


If we turn on "Pass-through Authentication" as well as "Seamless-SSO", what are the immediate end-user impacts? What will users experience when:


  • They launch Outlook/Skype/Office applications?
  • They logon to OWA/Office Web Apps?
  • They're already using ActiveSync on their smart-devices? 
  • They're already using the various App-store applications for iOS or Android?
  • ...and when they next change their Windows password on our local domain?

Thanks in advance!

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Worst case - they have to enter password. Best case - they never notice login prompts anymore (well at least on a domain-joined machine).

Thank you, this was very helpful. :)