Creating cloud only users and hybrid users on the same tenant

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We would like to two domains to co-exist on the same tenant and share trust. The faculty domain is the current on-premise domain and will sync through password hash sync on AAD in a hybrid infrastructure. 

The students will be cloud only and on a different domain name. Will we be able to share free-busy status across the domains? Will there be any issue to consider with managing students solely in the cloud and the faculty through on-premise AD DS? @Juan Carlos González Martín

Apologies if this has been previously addressed, and if so, could someone point me in the directions.



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As long as they are all in the same tenant, all collaboration features will work (free/busy, sharing documents, co-authoring, 1:1 chat/video, etc). And no, there should be no issues managing some of them directly in the cloud.

Thanks! That was very helpful