Configuring DRS (Device Registration Service) in installed ADFS Farm

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Dear All,


ADFS is deployed in our environment and SSL certificate has subject alternative name (SAN) entries for required 3 domains:


But now we have another requirement for DRS (Device Registration Service) to be configured.


But there are no SAN entries in the SSL certificate installed on our ADFS farm:


Do we have to deploy new SSL certificate with SAN entries for,,


Do we have to reconfigure ADFS farm again?

Is it possible, we only have to change SSL certificate with required new entries and we dont redeploy ADFS farm?


Please help. I will appreciate your replies and solutions for given problem.

Thanks again.

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Sounds like you just need to re-key and re-issue the certificate with 6 SAN's and install it on your servers involved with ADFS and DRS
Do you mean to say the below 6 SAN entries?
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Yes mate, then install that certificate on the ADFS servers. This will need to be under change control as you are revoking and re-keying your certificate so may cause a small outage....