Cleaning up the #AzureAD and Microsoft account overlap

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Glad to hear, I'm pro this (at least as far as I understand it), I've always had the forethought not to "cross the streams", but lots of colleagues didnt and it leads to weird quirks every now and then, but no show stoppers, at least as far as we got.

Same boat here, unfortunately my company started issuing Microsoft IDs for a Windows Phone Testdrive before I joined. Now I have the mess to deal with our employees :)

I'll probably have to direct all our users to delete/close their Microsoft IDs with corporate email addresses.

I think we can all agree this needs to happen, I have had instances where I have been configuring Outlook with a work email and because the address was also an MSA it was auto discovering to MicrosoftAccount\ , took a while to figure out I had to change the username to\

The idea is good as it causes no end of confusion to end users, even those that are quite senior and have extensive experience. However, it will depend on how the process is implemented. So for now and playing a game of wait and see