Cannot authenticated missing phone

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I am administrator of my business basic, I'm having trouble to login my admin portal cause cannot authenticate with missing phone and there's no another method to authenticate, can you give me a solution to make me login to admin portal,

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you don't have any emergency or "break glass"' accounts in your Azure AD ?

No i dont, there's any solution for this case? @eliekarkafy 

open a ticket with Microsoft through your Microsoft account manager so they can check what it can be done from their end in that situation.

I cannot log in my account manager, cause cannot get code from authenticator @eliekarkafy 

I mean, you need to contact your Microsoft account manager by phone to explain your situation so he can open a ticket for you.



You may required to contact Microsoft Support if you are the only admin under your tenant

is your issue got resolved ?
I have the same issue here as well.
Where can I find Microsoft Support for my country?