Can't login using MFA after my phone got reset

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I recently performed a factory reset on my phone and missed the fact that I only used Authenticator for MFA for one of my Microsoft Accounts,
Accordind to the documentation the only way to solve this is by clearing MFA settings with the help of the helpdesk. I have already created a support ticket, they are telling me that they have reset MFA on my account and that I should be able to set Athenticator again.  Unfortunately I couldn't, everytime I try to set it it is already asking to approve the authentication by sending a notification that obviously will never be received anywhere.

Does anyone knows what the support team need to do exactly because I think that they are doing it wrong, it's been two days that I'm trying to explain to them with no luck..


Any help would be appreciated

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Hi @Hedi_Naili ,

I know that feeling, but since it's an MS account, only they can recover it.
Keep annoying them, ask daily for updates and send as much information as possible (fe. screenshots etc.)
Otherwise you have no chance of getting your account back.

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@Hedi_Naili, The solution I am going to tell about is only applicable for Work Accounts.

I have same problem of resetting the phone and I was locked out of my account for 2 years atleast.

But my work laptop and login was working fine. I contacted supported team for my organization and they solved the same problem in 10 minutes. If work account, suggest to look out for help for IT Department. Only organization IT side can reset the settings.



Seems the only way is to contact Microsoft support unless you did a backup for your Authenticator