Can I setup MFA for Exchange Online (Plan 1) mailboxes?

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Hello everyone, 


Does Exchange Online Plan 1 include MFA?

I am looking to add some licenses for simple mailbox-only Exchange Online users but need MFA enforced. I contacted Microsoft support to inquire if MFA is included with Exchange Online (Plan1) and was told that it was not, and I would need to purchase an M365 license such as Microsoft 365 Business Standard.

However, when I tested a freshly created account at work, I was prompted to register my MFA during the first login to Once I added the account to my Microsoft Authenticator, I was able to log in successfully. This contradicts what the Microsoft support rep had told me. The account only has a license for Plan 1 but obviously MFA enabled.

All this is so confusing so any help will be appreciated.

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Per-user MFA is included in all Office 365 plans, including the standalone ones. In addition, Security defaults are available for all customers too, and they include MFA.



I would rate 'yes', MFA to be included

Thank you, @Vasil Michev!

At some point after receiving the MS support, I thought that MFA was only related to Azure Entra and had just a bit to do (enable/disable) with any plans and that the support rep was correct. However, you cleared the air and pointed me in the right direction.


Thanks for confirming, @Kidd_Ip.